Zeux Partners With VeChain Supports Crypto Payments Via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Zeux Partners With VeChain, Supports Crypto Payments Via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay


The crypto payments app Zeux is rolling out support for VeChain (VET).

The app is designed to let users spend their crypto at retail stores that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The London-based company says it has launched in the UK and will be up and running in Europe later this year.

“VeChain has been a major player in developing its blockchain to make a difference in enabling enterprises and professional teams to leverage public blockchain. In particular, given the large VeChain community in Europe, the partnership will help us to reach our target European customer base”. Once crypto spenders activate their Apple Pay or Samsung Pay at a supported point-of-sale (POS) device, selecting their preferred cryptocurrency to complete the purchases, a merchant will then receive fiat. The cryptocurrency is instantly deducted from the spender’s Zeux digital payments wallet, with no charges for the conversion.

The fintech company says it’s aiming to create a digital banking solution that combines all banking activities on a single app to bridge the gap between traditional POS payment systems and the new era of crypto.The team at Zeux says the app will also integrate a built-in investment platform and a foreign exchange function. VeChain is just the latest addition to the crypto lineup on Zeux. The platform also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, IOTA, Qtum and Bitcoin SV.

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