Introducing A Strategic Partnership with Cointraffic and Biggico

Introducing A Strategic Partnership with Cointraffic and… Biggico!

In the huge crypto news this week,

Cointraffic has strategically partnered with an affiliate network, Biggico, to offer even more value to crypto advertisers in the blockchain space. What additional opportunities will this partnership create for the industry at large? Read on to find out…

It’s a wonderful day when two like-minded companies in the same space come together to double their output, their creativity and their impact. After all, aren’t two heads better than one? That’s why we’re popping the champagne corks at the latest slice of crypto news in the Coinraffic office – because we’ve just announced a strategic partnership with the affiliate network, Biggico!

⌈Affiliate network, you say? What’s that and how can it help me with my ads?⌋

Well, in a number of ways…

An affiliate network is a platform that serves as an intermediary between an affiliate and an advertiser, via an online referral program where commissions are paid to publishers (in crypto) based on sales they generate through referred customers. Biggico was founded by IT entrepreneurs to meet the needs of what they coined the “cryptoverse”, a rapidly expanding industry where this kind of performance-based marketing simply didn’t exist. So, they built it, complete with thorough tracking, reporting and payment capabilities. Now, Biggico is the largest crypto affiliate marketing platform in the space, with 38 crypto offers, including revenue share, deals up to 45% and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) deals up to $550 on platforms like ICO, Exchange, Forex, Wallet, Cloud Mining, Gambling e-Commerce, and Cybersport.

The latest in crypto news: Cointraffic and Biggico’s strategic partnership.

About the partnership, CEO Dmitry Yelin said: “Both Cointraffic and Biggico operate in one industry. With different business models, we offer complimentary tools in crypto marketing, and our partnership represents an organic, symbiotic relationship, where both companies can grow, win even more of the market, and for their customers – get maximum opportunities at the best price on partner platforms.”

And for the Cointraffic team, that’s really what this partnership represents: a maximum opportunity at the best price for our customers. As a business operating in a space rife with so much opportunity, it’s important for us to stay ahead of the eight-ball with our service offering. We want advertisers who use our platform to have untapped access to the best in crypto marketing with a diverse range of publishers and advertising options, and we’re just as committed to ensuring that the privacy and safety of your bitcoin or ether are upheld, too. 

The major advantage of strategically partnering with a platform like Biggico is that they’re first and foremost a technological platform: developed from scratch and taking into account all features of cryptology; including a robust software for tracking crypto-transactions. Such technology allows them to offer features that are shave-proof and include quick payout, personal managers, minimal limitations, real-time stats and offers upon request for publishers, and for advertisers, they’re completely worldwide, accept all types of traffic and given their location in Belarus (a tax-free haven), can guarantee the best prices and lowest commissions on the market. 

Biggico’s unique offering in affiliate networking.

For you, our customers, that represents a whole new layer of opportunity, diversity, and quality in the ad sets we run – and we’re so excited for you to experience this first-hand. You can start taking advantage of the partnership right now!

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