RISE Aims To Take the B2B Blockchain Space By Storm

RISE Aims To Take the B2B Blockchain Space By Storm


2019 will be known as the enterprise-to-enterprise boom in blockchain.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Blockchain companies will out-perform the market because they provide the tools that other businesses need in order to survive. 82% of Fortune 100 companies are researching how they can implement blockchain technology into their current business model. IBM is leading the charge in this field, however their cost of implementation is sky-high which leaves a lot of smaller businesses in the cold. This is where RISE comes in. RISE offers a low-cost, robust and flexible B2B blockchain to businesses of all sizes. There’s a lot that makes RISE stand out from the competition. Here’s an overview of some of the unique characteristics, benefits and features that make RISE the ideal choice for B2B Blockchains:

  • Blazing fast turn-arounds, RISE’s Blockchain technology offers same-day turn-key rollout of a new blockchain. 
  • Highly configurable. RISE is programmed in a fully modular way which makes changes to the core code a breeze. Transaction fee structures (dynamic or passive), level of decentralization, token supply, and much more can be adjusted with a few keystrokes. 

Even the consensus mechanism is fully modular, which means RISE is not bound to just one consensus mechanism (such as Delegated Proof-of-Stake) but the consensus module can be swapped out for one that implements Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and any other consensus mechanism imaginable. This is unique in the blockchain space. 

  • RISE is built 100% using web technologies. The core is programmed in Typescript, a subset of JavaScript. Since there is a massive supply of web developers in the world, companies will have no problem finding developers to maintain or build out their new B2B Blockchain based on RISE. 
  • A blockchain based on RISE can handle very high transaction volumes which provides more than enough bandwidth for most use cases. Network tests have shown RISE to be capable of up to 1000 transactions per second (TPS). Compare this to Bitcoin with a median TPS of just 7. 
  • RISE Blockchain Technology has built-in data storage features, which enables developers to permanently store data on the blockchain. This makes many use cases possible, think of payment processors, a notary system, an eternity wall, supply chain management and much more.  

Aside from this list of benefits especially geared to cater to B2B, RISE has many attractive features for the general user. Let’s touch on a few of them below. The RISE wallet is universal, created using Google’s battle-tested Material UI components, making it extremely easy and intuitive to use. One wallet manages multiple accounts, is highly configurable, and fully supports the Nano Ledger hardware for optimal security. The wallet runs on all major operating systems (MacOS, Windows and Linux), a web version is available as well and is optimized for mobile use. The new RISE address system is based on bech32, which provides checksum, is very secure and QR code efficient. RISE offers an efficient TS/JS code library that makes it easy for developers to integrate RISE transactions in their own applications. 


The decentralized nature of blockchain technology means that it doesn't rely on a central point of control. A lack of a single authority makes the system fairer and considerably more secure. Out of the box RISE is already highly decentralized among the blockchain projects currently in existence. However, what makes RISE unique is that its level of decentralization can be scaled in a virtually unlimited fashion and fine-tuned to the specific requirements of each use case.  

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