Bitcoin Casino MintDice Brings Trust and Investment Opportunities to Players

Bitcoin Casino MintDice Brings Trust and Investment Opportunities to Players

                                MintDice Press Release

Bitcoin Press Release:

Cryptocurrency casinos have become big business in the world of bitcoin and digital currencies. Bitcoin casino MintDice leads this online shift, with its new investment opportunities, masternode/staking revenue, unique site features, and a series of classic casino games to wager on. 

3rd August 2019 Willemstad, Curacao

Thanks to the key characteristics of blockchain technology, namely transparency and immutability, top bitcoin casino MintDice has been able to tap into a new level of trust between gamers and virtual casinos. MintDice utilizes a provably fair betting algorithm, allowing all players to review their bets, and confirm that they weren’t being taken advantage of by the house. So whenever a player decides to come and play Online Slots, Plinko or the upcoming PowerMint Bitcoin Lottery Jackpot, they know that they are playing on a reliable crypto casino, and one with a very low house edge.

MintDice CEO, Bryce stated;

“We are relatively new to the scene in what seems like a somewhat sleepy market but we are slowly gaining interest that is fairly apparent on our backend sheets and trust in the community.”

Investing in a Casino

Creating a fair and transparent crypto-casino wasn’t all that MintDice set out to achieve. As well as designing MintDice to be a global leader in the crypto-casino space with a beautiful user-interface to boot, MintDice comes loaded with an investment opportunity. Whilst being designed for players to capitalize on the success of the MintDice casino and its cryptocurrency bankrolls, it is also a risk mitigator, shielding the casino from suffering external pressures such as a series of quick, and large successive losses. The team notes that crowdfunded bankrolls can take larger bets than that of self-funded ones, and should players wishing to make larger bets join, the bankroll and the size of the pot increases, for everyone.

Additionally, MintDice offers risk-free Masternode/Staking investment opportunities. Simply put, users can cheaply invest in shared Masternode pools and receive payouts from the casino’s profits in accordance with their investment size. MintDice has a third brilliant risk free investment method known as “Be the Bank”; MintDice is so sure of the platform’s success, that it guarantees MintDice revenue payouts that are of no risk to the user. Here, users will simply receive 15% of each bet placed on MintDice, which is again related to how much a user holds on the platform. In tandem with Masternode/Staking, MintDice generously offers two risk-free income opportunities with guaranteed returns.

Looking Ahead

Whilst it seems as though MintDice has all its ducks in a row, there is always room for improvement and innovation, which MintDice has demonstrated is at the core of its mission. The team notes that whilst being new to the game, they have big ambitions for ongoing developments which include a versatile rewards program, further additions to social games and what the team describes as “two brand new/first to market games”, which are expected to drop by the end of 2019.

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