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If you are an Internet marketer like me you will understand that you need to get your offers in front of people as much as possible. 

I am always looking to find ways to drive traffic to my websites and affiliate offers. 

Last year, I discovered a marketing platform called Markethive which allows me to grow my business for free. 

I am computer savvy so I find Markethive really simple to use. 

I love Markethive because it is a business social network where I come into contact with like-minded people who have similar goals to myself. 

Internet marketing is a contact sport also known as relationship marketing. 

By mingling with other Internet marketers at Markethive it gives me an opportunity to brand myself and get my message across but without a hard sell. 

What I like

The training is top notch. 

There is another training that is relevant to Internet Marketing which is extremely useful. I don't consider myself an expert in all areas of social media marketing. 

Through the News Feed and Blogcasting it is possible to promote my products and services on a global scale with a reach into the millions. 

This is an incredible system because the blogs are Google friendly. This is exactly how members are able to grow their business. 

Markethive receives on average 250,000 visitors daily. The reason is that when people make searches if the content on my blog is what they are after then they will find me! Wow! 

Hence, the way people communicate on this platform is critical to their business. 

96% of the traffic is non-member related. So the majority of the people I am addressing on my blog does not even belong to the site. 

Markethive pays you to sign up, they also pay you to use the system and they pay you to promote it. It is a blockchain so security and privacy are key and this is also why they can pay you. Go sign up, it is free to use and get paid for signing up.

Membership is free.

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