Introduce Cryptocurrency Payments Within Any Service With the Blockmove Payment Aggregator

Introduce Cryptocurrency Payments Within Any Service With the Blockmove Payment Aggregator

With the development of the crypto economy, cryptocurrencies are increasingly entering our lives every day.

Not everyone is trying to support this trend, this is especially true for financial regulators, who see a certain kind of threat in the digital currency, and therefore try to limit the crypto sphere. All this doesn`t prevent it from developing rapidly. Thus, there is an upward trend towards using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Even the number of offline points for accepting crypto assets as a means of payment is growing every day around the world. And it is even truer the online sphere.

Such a trend is natural and understandable. Initially, the cryptocurrency represented by bitcoin was created as a certain decentralized payment tool helping to get away from centralized banking systems, and becoming the starting point for the development of a public and open payment system. Everything is gradually coming to this, and many services are trying to contribute to this in every way possible. The Blockmove company, which introduced Merchant for cryptocurrency payments, is no exception.

How the Blockmove’s Merchant Works

For all interested users, Blockmove provides Merchant service that will help them instantly accept payments in cryptocurrency on any resource, as well as make withdrawals using various payment systems. To activate Merchant Blockmove on a website or online store,the company’s website, you need to go to go through a simple and fast registration process, copy the code and start accepting payments in cryptocurrency. After that, the user receives all the advantages of this type of payment for their service. To learn more about the Blockmove Merchant service, the site presents with the opportunity to add goods to the cart and see the payment form, where the customers can already choose the cryptocurrency that interests them a demo store and pay for the purchase. Thus, Blockmove allows the user to see what the payment process will look like after this service is implemented.

The Blockmove’s Merchant Advantages

As for the reasons why users should pay attention to Merchant from Blockmove, there are several of them. First, it is easy to install and use. The whole process will take a little time and even a beginner can handle it. The user creates a merchant on the Blockmove site, copies the code, and, voila, the merchant is ready to work on the resource. Secondly, this is an extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies, which includes the 8 most popular ones (BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, ZEC, ETH, and XRP) and all ERC20 tokens. Third, the company offers a full year of free Merchant service.

The Blockmove creators care about the security and anonymity of online payments. No one will be able to make a refund of the payment sent. Each transaction is encrypted, and its reliability is confirmed by users around the world. Customer funds are not controlled by banks, and no one has the right to block a transaction. Blockmove also provides its users with the ability to work through the API, charging the lowest commissions on the market. To get started with the API, go to the “API DOCS ” section on the Blockmove website, find the libraries, download and install them. Everything is very simple with Blockmove! And choose your product from Blockmove.

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