Tron Approved Proposal Initiated By BlockchainOrg With Several New Functions Of TVM

Tron Approved Proposal Initiated By BlockchainOrg With Several New Functions Of TVM

According to Justin Sun’s tweet, today, on February 24, a request for voting No. 29 (corresponding to proposal No. 32),

initiated by the super representative BlockchainOrg’s, was approved. Note, that super representatives play a key role in managing the TRON community, providing basic functions such as block generation and verification.As proposal No. 32 is approved, the TRON virtual machine (TVM) will get several new features, including:

  • batch signature verification support;
  • multi-signature verification;
  • determination of the address type.

At the same time, it will further enrich the use of smart contracts. For example, in the case of multi-signature verification, the user can add the validate multisign keyword to verify multiple signatures. Regarding the support function, batch signature verification can be used to support multiple users to sign the same data content (hash). As for the latter function, developers may often encounter a situation of invoking another contract, but some contracts may not want to be called by other contracts, and the call may be restricted using isContract.

Why Is It Important

The main feature of the TRON virtual machine is its easy access for blockchain developers. Besides, the platform is fully integrated with Ethereum products. TVM is convenient for developers, as they can use familiar programming languages, including Ethereum’s Solidity and others. The fact that the system is combined with the Ethereum virtual machine makes it easier for those who create apps based on blockchain. In addition, the system conducts transactions faster and cheaper. Tron platform smart contract transactions and operations are free. Developers will enjoy the flexibility provided by TVM.

It is also planned that TVM will be compatible with the EOS virtual machine and other major virtual machines. Unlike the EOS network, where block producers are elected without the possibility of buying votes, this practice exists in the TRON ecosystem. Super representatives can send all profit they receive for new block generation to purchase votes. Once developers realize that TVM is a universal tool for smart contracts and DApp creation, the Tron ecosystem will get a new impetus for development. Therefore, a decentralized Internet is gradually becoming a reality.

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