Open Banking amp Banking Digital Transformation Congress Will Be Held in September in Shangha

Open Banking & Banking Digital Transformation Congress Will Be Held in September in Shanghai

Open Banking & Banking Digital Transformation Congress 2020

will be held on September 24-25, in Shanghai, with a focus on digital transformation and open ecosystem construction of large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, urban commercial banks, and foreign bank, etc. The congress will mainly discuss how iABCD empower retail, micro and corporate finance from perspectives of policy transmission, ecological construction, cultural innovation, business model innovation, product innovation, risk management, marketing, and the user experience, etc.The FinTech Innovation and its large-scale application in banking have become increasingly vital in 2020, especially in the context of the global epidemic of COVID-19, irreversible trend of digitization, as well as the first priority of platform-based and scenario-based competitive tactics in a business model.

CDMC Finance Research Institute

(CFRI) finds there are the following confusion and difficulties in pushing open banking and banking digital transformation after interviewing more than 50 bankers.

  • Digital strategy, business model, and goals are not blurry
  • Rigid organization mechanisms and culture can’t support innovation and digital transformation
  • Digital transformation is a matter of life and death for small banks. While, small bank’s technology innovation ability is not competitive with a lack of talents, who are experienced both in finance and technology, etc.
  • In terms of inside data, banks are facing challenges from not well-organized data governance infrastructure, unified data standers, and circulation. As for outside, increasing cost, securities, and private domain traffic are new challenges banks have to encounter.
  • Hope to explore typical cases in retail finance, microfinance, corporate finance, and learn from them.
  • How to further spur digitization of retail finance into the deep water area?
  • How to acquire microfinance clients and control risk in the context of COVID-19?
  • How to define ROI? Often confused…
  • Open banking ecosystem construction…

On September 24-25, Shanghai. Welcome to join us.

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